Doctor Who Meme - Day Four

Day 04 – Your Favourite Doctor

Ten.      I've had a few.  Three was in there for a while, Four was my fave for years and years.  But now it's Ten.  Also the first time the Doctor made me go Phwaw which was seriously disturbing.  For the record - it was Tooth and Claw when he pulled out the brainy specs.
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Doctor Who Meme - Day 1

Day 01 - Your Favourite Quote
Oooh Tough one to start with. For now I'll go with Ten

"New Teeth; weird"
Just because I've actually USED that one. And that's always fun.

Actually No. Also Eleven:

"Hello Mr Jorgenson, Could you hold please I have to eat a biscuit."
  Because having done my time in Call Centre Hell. That's one I'd like to get away with.

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End of Time Reaction Post

I have to admit that this was, despite my hopes in many ways a RTD Finale.   A brilliant set up, a wrap up that doesn't make a great deal of sense, a twist that will need some explaining, and a bit of self-indulgence.  At least this time we got some nice character moments as well. 

RTD's best work todate has been midnight.  When he throws in the spectacle he looses the plot.

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Since having my daughter last December - I find I really don't have time to keep up with everyone on my flist.

Consequently - Unless I know you IRL I'm going to be un-friending you.   As much as I may wish to I don't have time to keep up friendships online - and I've never invested a great deal in them anyway to be honest.

This is nothing personal - I just need to trim back my priorities.

It's been great. 


The find of the century!

If THIS happened to you, you'd panic.  Admit it!  Just for a second the part of the brain that says 'this is a tv show' wouldn't kick in.  Only the part of the brain that hid behind the couch when it was 4 would kick in. Just for a second.  You'd be thinking - "shit - a Dalek"  and the whole thing would be super real

Course when the grown-up brain kicked back in you'd be even more excited.

I met a Dalek at the Easter show once.  Must have been during the Sylvester McCoy years at the ABC stand.  Even though I new they weren't real (I was about 12 or 13) I was a bit scared to touch it.  Like when you are looking at dinosaurs at the museum - and the little mammal part of the brain doesn't care if they are dead and bones - it's just going. TEETH!
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